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Our Products

Manipulation Dashboard

You rely on data to make crucial decisions. Thresher’s dashboard can show you how key data sources have been manipulated by the Chinese government—when, how, and why—and how to interpret the results.

Our products alert you to manipulation of media stories, official statistics, or content about your brand and supply chain.

You can access our products on the cloud or on premises.

Annotated Data

You can incorporate our proprietary annotated data directly into your own products. You choose the data and annotations relevant to you. Our data is curated for signal, so you won’t pay for noise.

Expert Support

Our support tiers help you adapt our manipulated-data analytics or annotated data to your needs.
Analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning
You get access to the same tools we use to solve the challenge of monitoring manipulation.
World-class China and data science expertise
We offer training and bespoke research. Our experts specialize in manipulation and Chinese data.
The Tech

Measuring the Unmeasurable

To address the challenge of monitoring manipulated data, we’ve had to get creative.
Our products apply the latest in natural language processing methods to annotate our proprietary Chinese-language data.
Thresher relies on the best technology the world has to offer— incubated at Harvard and leveraging innovations from Silicon Valley. Our work is powered by novel, patented AI and machine-learning approaches.