We tackle hard problems that can only be solved with bright minds and a diversity of thinking.


Full-Time Data Scientist, Remote Work

Thresher helps organizations find high-value signals hidden in the noisy world of human-generated text data. We identify content hidden from standard search approaches or at risk for removal. Better content leads to better analysis, and better analysis leads to better decisions. Thresher is a collaborative team of data scientists from Harvard and a former intelligence officer who understand the needs of experts conducting high stakes analyses that has real impact.

We are growing our data science team as we wrestle with the complex challenges.


● Work with our subject matter experts and engineers to turn prototypes into scalable, production software
● Work with our advisors from Harvard, Stanford, and UC San Diego to ensure we are employing the best methodologies to address important, meaningful problems
● Be responsible for projects that span statistical and mathematical reasoning, business communications and leadership, and computer programming
● Deliver insights on existing initiatives and come up with innovative product growth opportunities
● Balance between presenting a vision for our data science efforts and getting your hands dirty conducting analyses
● Experiment with a range of data science techniques to produce insight, including machine learning, network analysis, sampling methodologies, text analytics in multiple languages and data visualization
● Work on improving a perpetual work in progress


Useful skills include:
● A good understanding of statistics, including familiarity with statistical tests, distributions, and maximum likelihood estimators
● Knowledge of Machine Learning, text analytics, and/or network analysis
● Ability to code, wrangle data, and implement algorithms in R or Python and familiarity with a database querying language like SQL or Elasticsearch
● Ability to communicate with data visualizations
● Ability to communicate well verbally and in writing at all levels of technical expertise, including to non-technical customers
● Capability to understand and integrate client needs
● Ability to work in a team with a diverse set of skills and life experiences
● Time management skills. We have a lot to do in a little time. Understanding how to get things done, how to prioritize, and how to do that with others is key
● Ability to creatively solve problems and learn quickly with little to no direction
● Track record of turning insights into product growth opportunities
● Comfort (and better yet excited by) dealing with imperfect, unstructured, incomplete data
● Strong quantitative background with Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Math, Economics, Physics, Engineering, or similar field. Master’s degrees preferred. Ph.D. even better.

Note that we find these skills useful, but we don't expect candidates to have all of these skills. Tell us what you’re good at when drafting your cover letter. We value the hard and soft skills equally.


Compensation is competitive and includes full benefits. We have a small office in Washington DC, but most of us work remotely. You must be eligible for a security clearance, which means you must be a US citizen. This is a great opportunity to join an exciting startup, collaborate on a team with diverse data and social science experience, and work on meaningful technical problems in the national security space with dual applications in the commercial sector.

All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or national origin. We encourage veterans to apply.


If you are interested, please send a cover letter describing a challenging problem you solved and a resume to

If you have a Linkedin, Github or way to share any of your work, we welcome links to those avenues.