Thresher has a diverse team—in expertise, gender, and life experience—and we’re collaborating to help organizations find the high-value signal hidden in the noisy world of human-generated text data.

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Our team

Rebecca Fair

CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Gary King

Chairman & Co-Founder

Dr. Patrick Lam


Dori Amara

Lead Software Engineer

Kim Faltemier

Director of Product

Dr. Glenn Amundsen

Lead Data Scientist

Shannon Hynds

Product Manager

Blaine Green

Sr. Software Engineer

Brian Bumpas

Subject Matter Expert

Hannah Lincoln

Subject Matter Expert

Devin Shah

Software Engineer

Anastasia Mark

Sr. Product Manager

Caroline McBrien

Jr. Software Engineer

Lauren Buchholtz

Subject Matter Expert

Lauren Campbell

Communications Director


Thresher was born from the vision of a team of data scientists from Harvard, a 15-year veteran of the software and security engineering space, and a former intelligence officer who together understood the need of experts conducting high stakes analysis. This understanding has enabled us to become an award-winning, successful startup built on machine learning and natural language processing solutions backed by world-class and patented data science methodologies.

Why the shark? The thresher shark is sharp, agile, and lean, known for its exceptionally long tail. In fact, it has one of the longest tails in the animal kingdom and uses it to hunt. We strive to be similarly sharp, agile, and lean. That, plus the fact that approximately 70% of searches are conducted using "long tail keywords", gives us a feeling a kinship to our thresher shark friends. (A long tail keyword is a phrase with at least three words designed to target a very specific search.  On a daily basis 15% of all Google searches, most of them long tail, have never been seen before.)

The Thresher team is proud to have participated in multiple selective programs designed to identify emerging businesses with value. We are grateful for the help and mentorship these organizations have provided.

"The speed of problem identification and solution implementation, the constant engagement with new and challenging questions, and—most of all—the camaraderie of our team, set Thresher apart."

Dr. Evann Smith, Senior Data Scientist

Queries built by our users have generated data sets that change the answers to their questions.